Mira Sample Scripts

This page includes a selection of sample scripts for use in Mira MX x64 and Mira Pro Ultimate Edition. When you click on a link, you will be given the chance to Save or Open the script file. If you have a Mira Ultimate Edition installed, chose your browser's "Open" option to open the script directly in Mira with the various syntax elements highlighted.

Image Properties

  1. Create Deviation Map
    Creates an image showing the normalized range of pixel values within an image set. One application is for assessing the similarity of a set of flat field frames. This script runs with the target images opened as an image set in the top-most window. The output image has pixel values equal to (max - min) / median at every point. Extended areas with value > 0 measure bulk differences between the images.
  2. List Image Information.

Time, Date, Angles2

  1. Day of the week. 

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