Image Registration

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Image Registration is the process of aligning images to make features align accurately. Images are registered for the purpose of combining or comparing them, merging RGB channels, or to increase the Signal to Noise ratio. Registration is also an essential step when searching images for transient features and new objects. Mira gives true sub-pixel registration that is unmatched in the quality of the result and ease of use. Truly exceptional results are remarkably simple to obtain.

The quality of image registration varies from one piece of software to another. Users of multiple software packages repeatedly attest to the superior results obtained using Mira. Using Mira, can register any number of images of any size, manually or with some automation, and can handle anything from simple offsets to field rotation, non-square pixels, differing image size and scale, and even non-perpendicular axes. So, if your colleague in Timbuktu sends you images taken with a totally different CCD camera, using a different size telescope, and they're rotated 150 degrees and reversed left/right compared with yours, Mira will handle it. A few minutes of processing in Mira and you will have an image set in perfect alignment that you can blink or animate to compare their quality, search for transients, combine for higher signal to noise ratio, or whatever! This degree of capability combined with ease of use is something you see everywhere in Mira.