Convert to Grayscale

The Convert to Grayscale command converts an RGB image to an equivalent grayscale image having RGB pixels. In the resulting image, each pixel value has R = G = B. The conversion is done by applying a weight to each of the R, G, and B channels, These weights can be the standard grayscale conversion values or can be set as desired (see below). To convert an RGB image to a 16 bit or 8 bit grayscale image having 1 channel per pixel, use the Convert to 8 bit Luminance or Convert to 16 bit Luminance commands.

Parameters for the Convert Grayscale command


Select the image or image window to process.

Conversion Weights

Enter the weights to apply to R, G, and B channels.


Click this button to reset the weights to the standard grayscale conversion values (0.292, 0.594, 0.114).

This command allows you to specify the color balancing factors for weighting each channel in the RGB image. There is a standard formula for converting color data to equivalent luminance as perceived by the human eye. You can recover these standard settings by clicking the [Standard] button.

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