Creating File Lists

A File List makes it easy to keep track of groups of files, including images. To open the entire group of files, simply open the file list as a single file. The file list is created in the Open dialog after images are selected.


  1. Open the Open dialog (how?)

  2. Click on the desired files to select them (Warning: Be careful not to double click or you will load the double-clicked file). For example, you might select the 4 image files as shown below:

3.   Click [File List >>] to open the File List Editor. The example below shows the 4 selected files listed in the File Names field.

4.   If you wish to add a comment to the File List, enter it into the Comments field. This is optional.

5.   To finish creating the File List, you must give it a name in the File List Name field. This name will appear in the current folder along with other files.

6.   Click [Save] to accept the new File List and return to the Open dialog. You may also click [Apply] to save the File List but continue editing, or click [Cancel] to abort the creation process. The Open dialog now shows the newly created file list as an axf file (see below).

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