Enter Coordinates

The Enter Coordinates dialog is used by the Astrometric Calibration tool to input the right ascension and declination of a marked reference point.

Parameters of the Enter Coordinates command

Right Ascension, Declination

Specifies the right ascension and declination, separated by a comma (see description, below).


Specifies the weight of the point for use in computing the plate solution. The default weight is 1.

Using the Dialog

This dialog opens automatically after you click on a point that has not been previously marked. The only information must specify is the right ascension and declination of the point, but you can also change the weight of the point if you want it to have more or less influence than the other calibration points. The two buttons on the right side allow you to accept or discard the point being marked:

Specifying Right Ascension and Declination

The Right Ascension, Declination field is very tolerance of different formats for hours, degrees, minutes, and seconds. However, you must use only 1 comma to separate the right ascension and declination entries. A comma cannot be used between the separate parts of the RA and Dec, such as between hours and minutes. Mira supports a number of different formats for RA and Dec, as shown in the table below. Note that the entries in the same table row do not have to be used together; for example, you might enter the coordinate as

     3h46m45.808s, 63.357592

However, the easiest way of separating the coordinate parts is usually just to insert a blank space as shown in the table. The number of trailing decimal places is free to choose as you wish. A "Delimiter" is used to separate the parts of a field, such as the right ascension "hours" and "minutes". The examples below use a blank space as a delimiter, but other options are listed at the bottom of the table.

Examples of RA and Dec Formats

Right Ascension


3 46 45.808

63 21 27.32

3 46.7634666

63 21.45553



3 46 45

63 21



 " ' : / h m s

 " ' : / d m s

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