Extract Channel

The Extract Channel and Extract Byte Plane commands use the same basic dialog for application to different types of images. The current command applies to RGB Images. This command creates a new image from the R, G, or B channels of an RGB Image or the byte planes of a luminance image. The extracted channels may be created as an Image Set in a single window or created in separate windows.

This dialog shows two forms, dependent upon whether the selected Image is an RGB color image or a luminance image. If you select an RGB image and a non RGB image from the Image Tree control you will see the dialog switch personalities between the two forms shown below.

The first form shows its appearance for an RGB image.

The figure below shows this dialog in the form when the selected Image is a luminance image (e.g., 16 bit unsigned, 32 bit real, etc.). The dialog only enables as many channels as are available from the selected image.

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