File Opening Plug-ins

Mira Version 7 can open image files in alien formats using external modules called "plug-ins". These dynamic link libraries use Mira's File Opening Plug-in Interface to call executable code that imports the image file. By using plug-ins written to this standard, a copy of Mira can import 2-D images from virtually any file format. The only requirements for the plug-in are that it be written to the interface standard and that Mira find it at start-up in the [Mira]\Plugins\Open folder.

File Opening Plug-ins import images into MIRA in a way that is completely transparent to the MIRA user. At startup, Mira scans the [Mira]\Plugins\Open folder and loads each suitable plug-in to the list of internally supported image formats. The plug-in creates an entry in the Open dialog which looks just like that of an internally supported format.

Acquiring Plug-ins

A File Opening plug-in may be obtained from the author of the plug-in. Or, if you write software for the Windows platform, you may wish to write one yourself. The plug-in is a DLL module that is easily written using Microsoft Visual C++. Specifically, the programmer must develop a module known as a Regular DLL using the shared MFC DLL model. A simple software development kit is available from Mirametrics for writing File Opening Plug-ins. Any experienced Windows C++ developer should find plug-in authorship relatively simple.

The Mira File Opening Plug-in Interface is established as an open standard which any Mira licensee may use. Mirametrics, Inc. does not guarantee that MIRA will operate without interruption when using a plug-in not authored by Mirametrics.

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