FITS Header Editor

The FITS Header Editor dialog displays the FITS Format image header and permits editing its contents. If the Image Window contains an Image Set, header information is shown for all images. You can switch between image set members using the tab control at the bottom of the window.


This command is available for any non RGB image regardless of whether it was actually loaded from a FITS format file. For an RGB image, use the Image Info command to view the information header.

Color Coding

This dialog uses light pink and purple colors for different parts of the FITS header listing. Purple is used in the second column to visually separate the keyword value from the keyword name in column 1 and the keyword comment in column 3. Pink is used in the entire row for keywords that cannot be edited, such as SIMPLE or NAXIS1. The pink keywords may be changed by various Mira functions but may not be manually using an editor. Note that changes do not take permanently effect until the image is saved. The FITS Header can be edited to change entries, add new information, and to correct errors. See Editing the FITS Header.

Save your changes

Changes made in the Image Info dialog do not take effect until you have accepted them by clicking a button. These changes are made only to the displayed image(s).



Header changes affect only the displayed image. To make the changes permanent in the image file, you must save the image using the File > Save command or an equivalent.

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