Mira's Special Folders

Mira uses several special folders to hold its files. These special folders are found inside your<Pictures> folder. The<Pictures> folder itself has a name that is specific to your operating system environment:

Operating System

<Pictures> folder name

Windows 7

Libraries\Pictures\My Pictures

Windows Vista

Documents\My Pictures

Windows XP

My Documents\My Pictures

If the computer has multiple user accounts who need to use Mira Pro 7 UE, you may need change the file permissions for the <Pictures> folder to allow other users to access these files.

Sample Data Folder

The sample images are installed into the following folder:

     <Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Sample Images

Several of the tutorials and examples in this User's Guide use images found in the Sample Images folder.

Mira Program Parameters

Mira functions and configuration settings use parameters stored in the Windows Registry and in files. Parameters stored in files are located inside the <Pictures> folder, as follows:

     <Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Params

Generally, you should not edit or alter parameter files outside of Mira. Their location is disclosed here if, for some reason, you need to manually access them.


Generally, scripts may be stored in any folder you wish, just like images and other data files. However, some script components are stored in the <Pictures> location in this folder:

  <Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Scripts

This folder is used by the Script Manager, and any script you create or save using the Script Manager goes into a subfolder inside this folder. In addition, the sample scripts are installed this location. The script folders are given in the following table.

Script Manager Group


Sample scripts

<Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Scripts\Samples

Script classes you create using the Script Manager

<Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Scripts\Classes

Scripts you want access in your scripts using the Include() function.

<Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Scripts\Include

General scripts you create using the Script Manager

<Pictures>\Mirametrics\Mira Pro 7 UE\Scripts

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