Saving Image Sets

Image Sets present a different requirement for saving that is not a familiar Windows procedure. Since an Image Set is a collection of images in the same Image Window, there are a number of specialized commands used to save them at once. To save only the active image of an Image Set (i.e., the visible one on top of the stack), use the familiar Save & Save As commands.

Commands for Saving Image Sets

Save All saves all members of the Image Set using their current names. This is the Image Set equivalent of the Save command.

Save to Folder saves the image set to a different folder but using the same names. This has the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.

Save with Suffix saves the image set (or a single image) with a suffix added to their file names. This command can also save to a new folder.

Save as File List saves the image names into a File List, or .axf file. This command does not save the images to files.

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