Using Drag and Drop to Open an Image

Mira can open files from Windows Explorer using the "Drag & Drop" protocol (Explorer is the "file manager" supplied with the Windows operating system).

To open images using Drag & Drop:

  1. Open Explorer and select the file(s) you want to open.

  2. Click down on one of the selected files to highlight the entire group.

  3. With the mouse button down, drag the files into the Mira application window.

  4. Release the mouse button to drop the files into Mira and open them.


  1. Files can be any mix of supported file types, including File Lists.

  2. Opening image files as an Image Set, in a single window, is not supported by Drag & Drop.

  3. Before using Drag & Drop be aware of roughly how much memory will be required to open all of the selected images. Opening more images than can be held in memory sends the operating system into lengthy disk swapping with no graceful way to abort the file opening process.

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