Running Mira Pro 7 and Mira Pro x64 7 on Windows 7

Note: This document applies to Mira version 7 which is obsolete.

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Mira Pro and Mira Pro x64 version 7 consist of a base program, Mira Pro or Mira Pro x64, and numerous modules that can be purchased optionally. These options are activated by a license number calculated by the user for the particular modules purchased. This software licensing architecture was developed in the 1990's and is inconsistent with the dual Registry structure of Windows 7 and Windows Vista-64. Since the last update to Mira Pro 7 and Mira Pro x64 7 was made more than 1/2 year before Windows 7 was released, this tech note describes a workaround that permits Mira Pro 7 and Mira MX 7 to be run under Windows 7. The incompatibility described here will be remedied in the upcoming Mira version 8 products.

To install and run Mira Pro or Mira Pro x64 on Windows 7, it must be installed in the Windows XP Mode of the Windows Virtual PC environment built into Windows 7 Professional. Installation is straightforward.