Running Mira Pro 7 and Mira MX 7 on Windows 7

Note: This document applies to Mira version 7 which is obsolete.

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Note: This tech note applies only to entry level versions of Mira Pro and Mira MX, and not to the Ultimate Edition version of these applications.

Mira Pro and Mira MX version 7 consist of a base program, Mira Pro or Mira MX, and numerous modules that can be purchased optionally. These options are activated by a license number calculated by the user for the particular modules purchased. This software licensing architecture was developed in the 1990's and is inconsistent with the dual Registry structure of Windows 7 and Windows Vista-64. Since the last update to Mira Pro 7 and Mira MX 7 was made more than 1/2 year before Windows 7 was released, this tech note describes a workaround that permits Mira Pro 7 and Mira MX 7 to be run under Windows 7. This incompatibility does not apply to Mira Pro Ultimate Edition, Mira MX x64, Mira AL, and Mira AP 7, all of which install and run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The incompatibility described here will be remedied in the upcoming version 8 of Mira Pro and Mira MX.

To install and run Mira Pro or Mira MX on Windows 7, it must be installed in the Windows XP Mode of the Windows Virtual PC environment built into Windows 7 Professional. Installation is straightforward.