Mira. Image Processing Visualization Data Analysis

Mirametrics provides off-the-shelf and custom image processing, data analysis, and data visualization solutions for researchers, educators, and students in science and engineering. Our products and services include the Mira software line, OEM applications, and engineering development services for custom imaging applications. Since 1988, Mira has embodied the vision and expertise of our team of research scientists, educators, and experts in image processing and data analysis.

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Mira Pro x64Mira Pro Ultimate Edition, and Annual Maintenance upgrades.

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Mira Pro x64             

Mira Pro x64 is our latest and most powerful software for processing astronomical images and other 2-dimensional data containing discrete sources. As a native 64-bit application, Mira Pro x64 provides high-performance processing of huge images and image sets of many huge images by leveraging the immense memory capacity and speed boost available from the 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.  Unlike competing single-purpose applications which provide either a scriptable toolbox, a user-interface command environment, or code-level development, Mira Pro x64 is unique in combining all 3 into a single, highly integrated, high performance application.  More

Application areas: Astronomy, space sciences, imaging of discrete sources, research and education.


Mira Pro Ultimate Edition

Designed for critical astronomical applications, Mira Pro Ultimate Edition provides research grade calibration, data reduction, visualization, and measurement tools, plus a powerful scripting language. All this is provided in a highly integrated, easy to use visual environment.  More

Application areas: Astronomy, space sciences, research and education.


Mira MX Ultimate Edition

Mira MX Ultimate Edition provides advanced processing, visualization, quantitative analysis, and a powerful scripting facility for working with images and quantitative data.  More

Application areas: Microscopy, biomedical research, computational biology, radiography, physics, materials science, reconnaissance, and other critical applications.


Mira AL

For science education and public outreach, Mira AL allows educators and students to do real science on a tight budget. Mira AL is also an excellent solution for amateur astronomers.  More




From the Archives:
In the early 90's, we developed a snappy 32-bit windowed GUI for Mira. In 1994, Mira users were working with 250MB survey images (and doing smooth, real time display adjustments too) using 486 class PC's. Our switch to the Windows platform came a few years later.

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