1-D Data Fitting in Mira Pro x64

(In Development)

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The 1-D Fit Package is a powerful, yet easy to use regression analysis tool included with Mira Pro x64. For the investigator working with image data, this feature solves the frequent need for quantification such as the estimator value over multiple data sets, the mean error of a zero point, the slope of a trend, or some other regression result, and it works with any plotted data. This tool is user friendly, fast, and numerically robust.

The 1-D Fit Package is operated by a single toolbar that docks to the plot window border. To use it, simply click a menu command to open the toolbar for the selected Plot window, then click buttons to do the fitting. Buttons on the toolbar operate commands, switch interactive modes, and open dialogs and menus to access its extensive feature set. Perhaps no Mira feature more boldly illustrates the fact that our numerical analysis and user interface teams know their stuff.

The 1-D Fit Package works with any data shown in a plot window, including scatter plots, contiguous data (line plots), mixed data, and multiple plot series.