3-D Image Visualization

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Mira Pro x64 includes an integrated 3-D viewer that renders 2-D images in 3-D, providing additional opportunities for inspecting and analyzing both images and model data. This Brief illustrates some of the variations possible for visualizing image data.

Mira's 3-D plotting tool renders rectangular regions of 2-D images of any size and with bit depths from 8 to 64 bits per pixel, integer or real data type (not RGB). And it works with image stacks too. With Mira, a single button click can also render a region of an image stack of any depth (10 images? 100 images? more?) and animate them, even rotate, tilt, adjust the palette, or change the Z-axis scaling and re-render on the fly.

Mira Pro x64 provides a combination of 4 plot types with 6 pixel representations (Mira Pro has 2 representations). Combine these options with illumination changes, Mira's exceptional palette manipulation, and you get many more variations than are shown below.