Ultra-high Dynamic Range Imaging in Mira

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Mira Pro x64 provides a new paradigm in processing high bit depth color imaging data, being the only image processing software in the world offering native support for Ultra-High Bit Depth ("UHDR") image data in its image display, plotting, measurement, processing, and analysis tools. UHDR, processing uses high bit depth and floating point type pixels to accommodate color images having unusually high dynamic range or non-integral pixel values. Offering both integer and real pixel types having 96 and 192 bits per channel, UHDR goes far beyond the capabilities of ordinary 48-bit High Dynamic Range, or "HDR" imaging. If your work involves high precision 3-channel color imaging, then you can benefit from using UHDR. (Note: The table below defines the names of Color Pixel Types "URGB", "LRGB", "FRGB", and "DRGB" which are used in the following description).

UHDR processing also provides benefits beyond simply opening and saving UHDR image data. Even when the input and output color images have 24 or 48 bits per pixel, using real-type UHDR for calibration and processing assures higher precision results. Just as using 32 and 64 bit calibrations and intermediates gives measurable benefit to integer image data, using UHDR processing gives measurable results when processing 24 and 48 bit color images. Of course, processed RGB or URGB images may be saved in high bit depth form as LRGB, FRGB, or DRGB TIFF files.