Adjusting the Image Cursor

To interactively adjust the size and position of the Image Cursor,

  1. Make sure the target Image Window has focus.

  2. Select Cursor Mode using on the Image Toolbar or right click on the image to open the Image Context Menu

  3. To position the Image Cursor, move the Mouse Cursor (mouse pointer) to the point of interest and then press the left button (Mouse Down).

  4. To drag the Image Cursor around the image, do mouse down and then move the mouse. The Image Cursor and Mouse Cursor remain locked together on center as long as the mouse button is down. Mouse up at the final position.

  5. To resize the cursor, let the mouse pointer hover over an edge or corner, then mouse down and drag the cursor to the desired size.

Exact Positioning Methods

Using the mouse to move the image cursor can be difficult for precise positioning or for small moves of a few pixels or less. Mira has 2 alternative methods for "exact" positioning of the Image Cursor:

Saving Properties as the Default

When you have finished changing the cursor properties such as shape, size, and colors, you can save the new properties as default values using the Save command in the Image Context Menu > Cursor menu.

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