Image Toolbar

The Image Toolbar is a command center that resides at the top of Mira Image Windows. This toolbar provides user interface connections to frequently used display and measurement tools, It also shows the coordinates of the mouse pointer as it moves over the displayed image.

The Image Toolbar includes controls for adjusting the display, making some interactive measurements, and getting information about the image. Since most of these functions are duplicated in other menus and toolbars, you may choose to hide the Image Toolbar to save space. A point sample is obtained dynamically and reported in the toolbar when the cursor roams over the image.

The controls on the Image Toolbar are organized into the groups described below.

Control Groups of the Image Toolbar

Cursor Command Modes

These 4 buttons in the left-most column at the left end of the toolbar are used to adjust the image magnification, centering, image cursor, and to disable other command modes.

Image Set Flags and Undo

The 4 buttons in the second column near the left end of the toolbar involve 2 different functions: The top 3 buttons control multi-image capabilities for image sets (processing, measuring, and graphing). Te bottom button provides an undo for the last processing that changed the image.

Auxiliary Image View Panes

These 2 miniature views of the image show a thumbnail view of the visible portion and a magnified view centered on the mouse cursor.

Interactive Commands

This row of buttons near the center of the toolbar performs common interactive measurements and give information about the image.

Image Coordinate Display

Mira displays image coordinates in array units (column, row) and in world coordinate units such as cm, microns, (RA, Dec), etc.

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