Changing the Image Set

An Image Set is Comprised of some number of images that are treated as a group for display and other processing. An image set can be created when files are opened the first time or it can be built over a period of time working with a particular Image Window. For example, you may open an image set, measure the FWHM of a star in all of them, then delete all those images having FWHM > 2.5 pixels. Mira provides tools for doing this.

One particularly vexing problem is that you are not guaranteed images will be loaded from disk files in the order you want. In particular, when you mark multiple files in the Open dialog, Windows dictates the order they are sent to the software and that usually is not the same order you see in the sorted list in the Open dialog. The commands for adding or subtracting from the file list or re-ordering it are available in the Image Sets submenu in the Image Context Menu. Open the Image Context Menu by right clicking on the image.

Image Set Operations


Append an image to the end of the image set. The last appended image is made the active image.


Delete the active image from the set.


Insert one or more images into the image set before the active image. The last inserted image becomes the active image. Use Append to insert at the end of the image set.

Swap Next

Swap the active image with the next one in the image set order. The next image is displayed.

Swap Last

Swap the active image with the previous one in the image set order. The previous image is displayed.

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