Image Set Properties

The Image Set Properties command opens a dialog containing a table of selected properties for images of an Image Set. You can also re-order the image set by sorting on the properties or by manually interchanging the image ordering. The changed order can then be saved to the Image Window. The re-ordering capability of this command is also available using the Image Set Toolbar (Ctrl+Q).



If using the optional Astronomy Module: The detector gain and readout Noise can be set in a similar way on the Info page of the Aperture Photometry Preferences dialog.

Important Concepts

Before describing some of the ways to alter the image set ordering, there are some basic concepts to understand:

Sorting the Image Set Order

This procedure puts the image set into an order dictated by the changes in one of the properties. For example, you might sort the image set by order of increasing FWHM, or you might put the images into time order.

  1. Click on a column header for the property of interest

  2. Click again to reverse the order if desired.

  3. You can also edit the cells if you want to sort on different values for the properties.

Manually Ordering the Image Set

  1. This procedure puts the image set into whatever order you want.

  2. Click on a cell to select the image. For example, you might click on the image name to see where it moves.

  3. Click the or to move the image up or down in the list.

Save your changes

Changes made in the Image Set Properties dialog do not take effect in the Image Window unless you click [OK] or [Apply]

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