Changing the Plot Series Mode

Multiple plot Series can be displayed simultaneously, as an Overplot on the same set of plot axes, or as a series of plots that can be viewed separately using the Plot Animation Toolbar. The Continuous mode shows the plots separately, animated, or by single stepping through the set.

Plot Series Modes


Draws all plot series simultaneously, graphed on the same set of axes.


Draws one series at a time and allows continuous animation, forward or backward, through the series. Animation can start at any point in the sequence.

Changing the Mode before the Plot is Created

The mode selection is made using the Plot Series Mode submenu. This can be done from a number of places in Mira:



Changing the Mode After the Plot is Created

After the plot has been created, you can change the Plot Series Mode from the Plot Context Menu (see Plot Windows). If the window contains multiple plot series, the Plot Series Mode option is enabled. Click on the desired mode.

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