Copy and Paste Commands for Plots

Mira supports copying and pasting plot series data from one window to another using standard Windows Copy / Paste protocol. For example, you may copy a column plot created using the median collapse method into a plot window created using the mean collapse method. The latter window then shows two series that allow you to easily compare the mean and median row data for a region of the image. [view an example]


We will describe copying the plot series from a "source" window into a "destination" window.

1.   Click on the source Plot Window to activate it.

2.   Click the Edit > Copy command in the source window's menu bar or in the Plot Context Menu.

3.   Click on the destination Plot Window to activate it.

4.   Click the Edit > Paste command in the destination window's menu bar or in the Plot Context Menu. The destination window will update to plot all the data together on the same set of axes.

5.   From the menu bar or Plot Context Menu, select the Plot Series Mode as Animate or Overlay to show individual series or all series as desired.

Note that the Copy and Paste commands are also available from the standard keyboard shortcuts:Ctrl+C to Copy and Ctrl+V to Paste.

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