Cursor Command Modes

A cursor command mode is a controlled protocol for mouse and keyboard entry. In a command mode, you are limited in the types of user interface actions that can be taken. Most or all of your input is directed toward the particular command that is active. In the Image Windows, several command modes are operated from the column of buttons on the left end of the Image Toolbar. There are two types of cursor used in Mira Image Windows: the Mouse Cursor and the Image Cursor.

When a cursor mode is activated, mouse clicks are tied to a specific type of action. For example, in Magnify Mode, clicking the mouse on the image magnifies the image at that point. When no command mode is active, the Image Window is in "Roam Mode" in which the mouse cursor can roam around the image and no specific command will be executed if you click on the image.



To exit any command mode and return to Roam Mode, use the Ctrl+D image window accelerator or click on the Image Toolbar.


Cursor Commands

Magnify Mode

Also see Magnifying the Image.

Tip: Let the mouse hover over the Magnify button to see the current setting.

1.      Click the Magnifier button to enter Magnify Mode.

2.      Move the mouse cursor to the point about which you wish to magnify.

3.      Left click the Mouse to magnify up (enlarge). Hold down the Shift key and left click to magnify down (shrink).

Center Mode

1.      Click the Hand button to enter Center Mode.

2.      Mouse down on the image to grab it.

3.      Drag the image to the position you want centered. Release the mouse button when the image is moved as desired.

4.      Repeat the dragging procedure to re-center as needed.

Image Cursor Mode

(move and resize the image cursor)

Also see Image Cursor.

1.      Click the Image Cursor Mode button.

2.      To position the Image Cursor, click the left mouse button.

3.      To resize the Image Cursor, move the mouse cursor over the image cursor until it it highlights. Then click Mouse Down and drag the cursor edge to the desired position.

Roam Mode

Click the Roam Mode button to disable any command mode from either the buttons in this table or from any other procedure.

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