Image Tree Control

The Image Tree Control is a specialized control used to list images in many Mira command dialogs. The Image Tree Control looks like a list box but opens to form a tree control from which you can select an image to use.

The image tree control lists every Image in every Image Set in every Image Window currently open in Mira. In the picture above, the tree lists the currently displayed image from Image Window #4.

The Image Tree Control has the following attributes:

Using the Image Tree Control

The figures below show how an Image Tree is used.

  1. The first figure shows the dialog for the Image Arithmetic command. There are two Image Trees in this dialog. The current item listed in both controls is the Image Window having serial number [1]. The name of its currently displayed image is listed in the control. If you were to click [Process] on the dialog, the image '1998wt-05030401245y.fts' would be processed from Image Window [1]. Notice that this image is selected in both of the image tree controls, so it would be added to itself in window [1].

  2. The next figure shows the selection. The list was opened by clicking on the drop arrow at the right end of the image tree control. The currently selected window and its current image are highlighted:

  3. Notice that the image tree has a 3rd item that has a icon. This symbol indicates that the window contains an Image Set. We can select that as the image to use by double clicking on it.       If you single click on it, the list opens like this:


4.   Double click on an individual image to select it. This closes the image tree with the selected image now the current image:


Relating the Image Tree to Processing Image Sets

As shown in the example above, the Image Tree Control lists every image of every open Image Window. However, since there is only 1 image selected in the closed tree in a given dialog, how do you know whether that image or the entire image set will be processed by the command? The answer is that the decision to process 1 image or all members of the image set is not made by the dialog. This choice is determined by the particular image Windows. The status is indicated by the state of the Process flag for the window.

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