User Interface

As an application program written for the Microsoft Windows operating system, you will find a lot of similarity between the operation of Mira and other high quality applications written for the Windows platform. But Mira is far, far more than just a "vanilla" Windows application. Mira provides a number of unique user interface enhancements like Image Sets, File Lists, Image Trees, and theImage Cursor, and also exploits the virtues of familiarity, redundancy, and an extremely tightly woven center of command and control for working with images. It is our goal to make image processing as intuitive and productive as possible. We want you to think about your data, not the mechanics of using software. We hope we have succeeded and that our efforts translate into your increased satisfaction with this product.

User Interface Topics

Accelerator Keys

Image Windows

Main Context Menu

Images Sets


Image Trees

Expanding Tooltips

Glossary of Terms

Capturing the Screen

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