Processing Preferences

The Processing Preferences dialog is used to set operational preferences for the Image Calibration dialog.

Options in the Preferences List

Any or all of these options may be selected by checking their entry in the list box. The selected options are listed in the text field when the list box is closed, as shown above.


If checked, an Undo copy is saved for each image. This setting applies only if images are processed from an Image Window using the Window option on the Image Calibration dialog.


If checked, Mira provides a written log of the steps performed by the image processing pipeline. The messages are written into a Text Editor window after the pipeline completes. You can edit, save, or print the messages from the editor using the normal commands.

Overwrite Cal Frames

If checked, calibration frames are overwritten without warning.

Change Master Frame Image Type

If checked, the image type of the master frame is prefixed with the word "Master". For example, if the original images have an image type of "Bias" then the master bias frame will have the image type "Master Bias". If unchecked, the image type is unchanged between the component frames and the master frame. See Image Types.

Notification When Done

This list box select the method Mira uses to inform you that the pipeline has completed. During processing, Mira shows a progress dialog that disappears when processing has ended. This option allows you to get extra notification that the pipeline has ended.

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