Profile Control

A Profile Control is the under interface to the Mira file protocol. A profile is a collection of parameters managed under a single name. This topic describes how to work with profiles in Mira.

As an example of the user interface to a profile, consider the Combine Images dialog. That command uses a large number of parameters to control the processing. For the user to remember all the settings necessary to repeat a particular combining procedure would be quite involved and therefore prone to mistakes. The Profile Control solves this problem by managing all the parameters under a single name. You can see that a profile named New is its current selection. The parameters shown in this dialog are those stored in a profile named "New".

The Profile Control consists of a list box and a dorp button that opens a menu of commands, including Save, Save As, Delete, and "Locked (Unlocked)". The profile control supervises all the parameters in the dialog. After changing parameters, you may wish to update them in the current profile. To do so, click the button and choose Save.

Menu Commands



Saves the current settings.

Save As

Save As

Saves the current preferences to a new profile. You are prompted to enter a new profile name.



Deletes the selected profile from the list. The selected profile is the one shown in the list box.



Change "read-only" status

Sets or Clears the "read only" status for the profile. If the profile is "Locked" then changed cannot be save to it. A profile must be "Unlocked" before you can update it. Use this method to protect your profiles from accidental changes.

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