Set Pixel Value

The Set Pixel Value command changes the pixel value at a specific (column, row) coordinate of the image cursor. While this dialog is open, you can position the cursor on the image using the standard methods. In addition, the detailed image coordinate information from the image may be viewed or hidden using the Show / Hide button. The related Set Region Value command sets a rectangular region to a value. The Edit Pixel Values command allows you to view or edit a region of pixel values.


To change a pixel value:

  1. Open the Set Pixel Value dialog.

  2. Select the target image from the Image list box at the top of the dialog.

  3. Move the Image Cursor to the target position.

  4. Enter the target value into the New Value field. (or recall previously used values from the drop down list box of the New Value field.)

  5. Click [Set].

  6. To change other values, move the Image Cursor to a new position or select a different image from the Image list box.

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