Set Region Value

The Set Region Value command changes the pixel values inside a rectangular region of interest (ROI) which may be explicitly specified or may be defined by the image cursor. The region is assigned a value plus or minus Gaussian random noise. The noise may be set to 0 to set the region to a constant value. This tool is useful for removing large cosmetic blemishes or artifacts that may interfere with a measurement.

The related Set Pixel Value command sets single pixels to a target value. The Edit Pixel Values command allows you to view or edit a region of pixels using a tabular listing format.

The region may be specified using either the image cursor or by directly specifying the corner and extent of the rectangle in terms of columns and rows. This is a modeless dialog, so you can keep it open for continued use while positioning the image cursor. The Undo command may also be used to recover the last version of the image before setting the region value.


The example below shows the effect of using the parameters shown above on the named image. Before setting the replacement values, the image cursor and button were used to sample the median and standard deviation in a nearby blank region. Then the image cursor was enlarged to encompass the replacement region.

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