Statistics Measurements

The Statistics Measurement tool is used to compute basic statistics within a rectangular region of an image.

This command uses the Image Cursor to permit profile plots within the same region without having to re-position.

If an image set is open in the Image Window, you can choose whether to measure only the active member of the image set or to compute the Statistics for the entire image set.

Measurement Results

Measurements are tabulated in the Statistics Measurements window as shown below. This is a Report Window with built-in functionality for sorting, rearranging, copying, and saving to a file.

Measurements for all regions in all images and all Image Windows go into a single Report window. If you want to clear the Report window of prior measurements, make sure the window has focus, then click Clear in the View pull-down menu.

The items in the Report window are described in the table below.

Statistics Quantities


The sequence number of the measurement.


The name of the image that was measured


The mean value of pixels inside the region.


The median value of pixels inside the region.

Std Dev

The standard deviation of values inside the region.


The minimum value inside the region.


The maximum value inside the region


Description of the pixel region that was measured. This description uses the following format:

    [MinCol:MaxCol, MinRow:MaxRow]


The pixel count inside the region.

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