Report Windows

Mira lists the results of measurements in a Report Window. A Report Window is configured for each type of measurement to work with its particular type of data. There are Report Windows for measuring angles, points, distances, region statistics, and other quantities. A typical example is shown below. Each type of Report Window remembers its position and size between sessions. After opening the report of a given type the first time, you may wish to adjust its default size and position using the Report Preferences dommand.

The various Report windows provide common functionality for work with the table data. You can edit, sort, rearrange, and save the contents of the table. For Report Windows, the menu and the Report Context Menu contain commands for manipulating the tabular data. These are described in Arranging Report Data and Exporting Report Data. You can control whether Mira prompts you to confirm closing or saving a Report Window using the check list item in the Other Preferences dialog.

Accelerator Keys

Accelerators in the table below execute commands when a Report Window has focus.

Report Window Accelerators


Opens the Report Preferences ("Attributes") dialog.


Executes the Copy command, which copies the selected cells to the Windows clipboard.


Executes the New command, which displays the New Document dialog.


Executes the File > Open command, which displays the Open dialog.


Prints the Report Window.


Opens the Mira Preferences dialog. Here you can set global preferences for working with images and plots, as well as other aspects of the user interface.


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