Using the Open Dialog

To open an image from a file and display it in Mira , you normally use the Open dialog.


  1. On the any menu bar, click File to open the pull-down File menu.

  2. Select Open... to open the Open dialog (Ctrl+O).

The Open dialog is shown below. You can choose to open 1 file or more than 1 file (see Selecting Files from the Open Dialog). If the folder is not correct you need to navigate to the correct folder in the normal Windows way. Then select the single file or select the multiple files. To open only 1 file, either double click on the file name or select it and click the [Open] button in the Open dialog.

Mira adds some extra capability to the familiar Windows Open dialog. At the bottom of this window can be seen the

Open as Image Set flag and the [File List >>] button. Both of these items are related to opening multiple images.

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