Displaying Images

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Image display lies at the core of most any image processing application. With Mira, display of images is only one of many ways of understanding your data. There are also 1-D and 3-D visualization capabilities, contour plots, and other tools immediately available for a displayed image. This Brief describes how Mira displays 2-D images.

Mira's image display capabilities go well beyond the options provided by other software packages. Features such as smooth, real time contrast and gamma stretching of palettes, infinitely versatile pseudo-color palette enhancement, and high-speed image animation are just some of the many outstanding image display tools in Mira. All Mira platforms can display numeric data having 1 to 4 integer bytes per pixel and 4 or 8 real bytes per pixel. All Mira platforms also can display 24 and 48 bit per pixel color images. In addition, Mira Pro x64 can display color images with ultra high bit depth, including these pixel types: 4 byte per channel integer and real, 8 byte per channel real. Also see the Brief "UHDR Imaging in Mira".