Adding Series to a Line Profile Plot

After creating a Line Profile plot, you may wish to plot other profiles parallel to the first. To do this requires adding new plot series to those already drawn in a Plot Window. To add plot series, use the Move procedure for the Line Profile toolbar command. At the end of each move, the new line profile is added as a new series for the existing plot.

You can add plot series only to the most recently drawn line profile in a particular Plot Window. Marking a line plot on the image creates a new window. Moving the line adds new series to the same window. If you delete the Plot Window containing the most recent line plot, adding a new series creates a new Plot Window.


With a Line Profile Plot already existing in a Plot Window,

  1. Select the Line Plot Move Method: perpendicular or unconstrained.

  2. Click on the Line Profile Toolbar to activate Move Mode.

  3. Move the Mouse Cursor onto the existing Line Profile marker and press the left mouse button.

  4. With the mouse button down, drag the marker to the new location and release the mouse button. The new Line Profile appears as a new plot series drawn in the existing Plot Window.

  1. To Overplot more line profiles, repeat steps 3 and 4.


When Plotting in World Coordinates, the x-axis is a relative coordinate with 0 at the midpoint of the data.

When plotting in Pixel Coordinates, the x-axis extends from 1 to the length of the line, in pixel units.

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