Auxiliary Image Views

The Image Toolbar has 2 auxiliary views of the image data. These two small views show a thumbnail view of the entire image and a magnified view of a small part of the image.


The Thumbnail View

The Thumbnail View on the left side shows a tiny, thumbnail size view of the entire image. Superposed on the thumbnail view is a rectangular cursor which indicates the visible region of the entire image in the main Image view. As you scroll or pan the image to adjust the window, this rectangle will update to track the visible region of the image. You can also use the mouse pointer to drag this rectangle on the thumbnail view to center the full image in the window. This is especially handy when viewing a large image or a zoomed image.

The Magnified View

The Magnified view is a real-time tracker window that follows the mouse pointer when it is over the image. This view shows a magnified view at 3, 5, 7, or 9X the magnification of the image data. The magnification can be changed and saved as follows:

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