Plotting an Averaged Line

Mira can plot an averaged line, which is a mathematical combination of all adjacent horizontal lines (rows) or adjacent vertical lines (columns). The range of adjacent lines is controlled by the extent of the Image Cursor. The averaging mode is selected using the Plot Average Mode command which appears in various menus in Mira. To learn more about averaging modes, see Plot Averaging Modes.

Menu Commands for Averaged Plots

All of the examples below show the Median averaging method in use. Other methods may be selected using the Plot Averaging Mode command.

From the Column or Row Plotting Buttons on the Main Toolbar (available when an Image window has focus):


From the Plot Menu for Image Windows:

From the Image Context Menu

Changing the Averaging Mode

To select the averaging mode, use the Averaging Mode command in the menu. This changes the setting for the currently active Image Window. To make the setting become the default for future plots, use the Plot Preferences page. See Plot Averaging Mode.

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