3-D Animation Toolbar

The 3-D Animation Toolbar is a component of the 3-D Plot Window that controls sequencing between 3-D renderings of a stack of 2-D images. This toolbar is similar to the Animation Toolbar component of Image Windows and Plot Windows. The 3-D Animation Toolbar opens automatically when an image set is plotted in 3-D.


Sequencing Modes

The 3-D Animation Toolbar offers 3 sequencing modes which work with the forward and backward animation buttons to control the length of the animation cycle. Select the sequence mode from the menu opened by the button on the left end of the toolbar.

The sequence mode commands control the length of the cycle. The direction is chosen by which animate button you press, but not the direction the sequence proceeds.


Animates the plot sequence continuously until you stop it manually.

Single Cycle

Animates one cycle through the plot set, from the current position back to the current position.


Animates one cycle forward/backward or backward/forward, returning to the starting point.

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