3-D Plot Windows

3-D Plot Windows display a 3-D surface of 2-D image data. The , which is often a plot of image luminance versus position. The topic 3-D Pixel Representations shows how a 2-D image can be rendered various ways in 3-D for a better view of the data. You can control whether Mira prompts you to confirm closing a 3-D Plot Window using the check list item in the Other Preferences dialog.

Components of 3-D Plot Window

The diagram below shows the general 3D Plot window. In this case, an image set is plotted, making the Animation Toolbar visible at the bottom of the window. This toolbar that provides controls for plot sequencing. The Rotation Toolbar at the top is generally available for any 3-D plot.


Viewpoint Rotation

The Rotation Toolbar controls rotation of the rendered data. This is similar in function to the Plot Animation Toolbar except that this toolbar adjust parameters for rotation rather than for changing between plot series.

Plot Series Animation

The 3-D Animation Control Toolbar toolbar works with multiple 3-D plots created from an Image Set displayed in an Image Window. when an image set is displayed in an image Windows, use the [G] button or the Plot Image Set command to choose whether to render in 3-D only the current image or the entire image set. If you render the image set, then this toolbar is automatically opened.

The Colormap

Like Image Windows, 3-D Plot Windows have a Colormap on their right border. This shows the mapping of palette entries to display levels for the rendered surface. Also as for Image Windows, you can change the palette mapping by stretching the palette using the Colormap or the Palette Properties dialog.

Adjusting the Z Axis Scaling of the 3-D Plot

The range of the Z axis can be adjusted, if desired. You can change the scaling interactively or by entering the minimum and maximum Z values. [examples]

To interactively stretch the Z range, regardless of which way it is specified, move the vertical slider on the right border of the 3-D Plot window.

Changing Plot Attributes

The 3-D Plot has a number of attributes that can be changed to give you a more meaningful view of the data. Attributes are changes from various windows belonging to the 3-D Plot group. These attributes include the type of plot, the way the 3-D facets are represented, the drawing of projection planes and axes, colors, fonts, viewpoint, and the properties of the illuminating light source. See the following sections for more information on changing these attributes. These commands are available from the 3-D Plot menu bar and the Context Menu:

3-D Plot Context Menu

The Context menu contains options for changing the way the image data are rendered and for altering the appearance of the window.

Accelerator Keys

Accelerators in the table below are enabled when a 3-D Plot Window has focus.

3-D Plot Window Accelerators


Opens the 3-D Drawing Attributes dialog.


Executes the Copy command, which copies the 3-D plot to the Windows clipboard. The plot is copied as a bitmap.


Executes the New command, which displays the New Document dialog.


Executes the File > Open command, which displays the Open dialog.


Opens the Mira Preferences dialog. Here you can set global preferences for working with images and plots, as well as other aspects of the user interface.

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