Multi-Tab Interface

The Multi-Tab Interface, or "MTI" is a tab control that manages the view windows in Mira. View windows display data, including images, plots, measurement reports, and text.

The MTI creates a new tab when a View Window opens. One tab is always pulled forward to indicate the current View that is top-most. You can use the tab to change the visibility of the view window.

The MTI takes up a small amount of screen space but makes it much easier to work with many images on the screen. The figure below shows the bottom of the Mira application window with the MTI tab control. Tabs are shown for the 6 different View windows that are open. From the left they are an Image, Text Editor, Script, Plot, 3-D Plot, and Statistics Report.The Statistics tab at right is pulled forward, indicating that this view is the top-most window.


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