Opening & Saving Files

The commands below open and save images and other types of documents. File opening and saving commands are typically located in the File menu.

New creates a new, empty document. This command is supported only for Text documents.

Open is the standard Windows Open command which opens a variety of Mira file and document types.

Save & Save As are standard Windows commands for saving to files.

Save with Suffix saves an image or an Image Set with a suffix added to the filename and, optionally, to a new folder.

Saving Image Sets describes commands for saving Image Sets to files.

The Catalog command lists specific information for images without opening them. This command uses information stored in header keywords, and gives the most information for FITS format images.

Working with Nonstandard Formats

Use these command to open and save images that are in nonstandard image formats:

Import Binary Image

Import Text Image

Export Binary Image

Export Text Image

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