Transfer Function Properties

The Transfer Function Properties dialog is used to interactively adjust the transfer function of an image (also see Choosing Transfer Function Settings).

If you change settings for an Image Set, the changes may be applied to either the active image or to the entire set, depending on the state of the (Process) button. For RGB images, the adjustments of the transfer function are handled by the Palette Properties dialog.

The current transfer function is listed in the Profile Control below the histogram graph. Once loaded, a transfer function can be modified by changing its properties using the controls in the bottom half of the dialog. If you simply want to load an existing transfer function and do not need to change it, you can click [Hide >>] to shrink the dialog and save desktop space, as shown below:


The graph in this dialog shows the image histogram for the region specified by the Sample parameter. The Other Preferences page has an option to plot the logarithm of frequency on the Y axis when you need to compress the frequency range.


The Sample, Range, and Stretch settings control the way the transfer function is computed for the image. These properties are described in detail in Transfer Functions. See Choosing Transfer Function Settings for advice on setting the controls.

Other Transfer Function Controls


Transfer Function properties do not apply to RGB images. For RGB images, use the Palette Properties dialog instead.

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