Transfer Functions

A Transfer Function is the mathematical relationship between the image values and the values displayed on the computer display. Mira breaks image display into two parts: A transfer function and a palette:

The use of a transfer function has two main purposes:

In decoupling the transfer function from the palette, Mira breaks ranks with many image processing software applications that simply allow transfer function adjustments or palette adjustments, but not both. Separating these image display concepts gives you greater power and flexibility in performing image enhancement because these two types of enhancement may be applied and adjusted independently.

Using the Transfer Function Properties Dialog

The Transfer Function Properties dialog allow you to interactively change transfer function settings and apply the changes. This dialog works independently with any Image Window shown. To open the Transfer Function Properties dialog, use the View > Transfer Function command or click on the Image Toolbar. To work with another image window while this dialog is open, bring the other image window to the top of the stack (for example, click on its window caption or its the tab on the MTI bar at the bottom of the Mira screen). You can also change settings using the Transfer Function Popup Menus.



Mira splits image adjustment into two parts: Transfer Function and Palette. Before beginning to make major changes to the transfer function settings, it is best to start with default palette settings. To reset the palette, right double click on the Colormap of the image window, or click the button on the Palette Properties dialog.


Mira manages all the transfer function settings using a profile control. A "profile" is a collection of parameters used by a function. The Transfer Function saves all the parameters as a profile with a name. You can load all the parameters at any time simply by loading the profile by name. One of the profiles is the default one used to open an image. After an image is open, you can change the profile or the settings of the profile for that particular image, an then use these settings to update the named profile or create a new one if you desire.

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