Working with RGB Images

Mira supports operations with RGB color images in most any sensible type of operation. You can display and adjust them, process, filter, and otherwise enhance them, flatten their background, register and combine them, make measurements and plots, and you can apply most types of math functions. Some nonsensical types of operations that Mira will not apply to RGB images include things like computing the negative of the pixel value, since an RGB pixel value must be 0 or greater.

The commands below do special types of processing on RGB color images. Most Mira commands operate on both Luminance image and RGB images. The commands listed below are specific to working with RGB images either directly or by converting between luminance and RGB formats. The commands below are located in the Process > RGB Images menu.

Commands Specific to RGB Images

Convert to RGB converts a luminance image (e.g., 16 bit integer) to an RGB image.

Convert to Grayscale converts an RGB image to a grayscale equivalent RGB image.

Convert to 16 bit Luminance converts the RGB image to a 16 bit grayscale image.

Convert to 8 bit Luminance converts the RGB image to an 8 bit grayscale image.

Apply Palette applies displayed palette changes to the pixels of an RGB image.

Extract Channel removes individual channels from an RGB image or a luminance image.

Merge RGB Images combines R, G. and B channel images to make an RGB image.

Merge LRGB Images combines L, R, G. and B channel images to make an LRGB image.

De-Speckle removes isolated point defects from noisy color channel images or luminance image.

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