Calibrating Images

Images often need to be calibrated to convert observed values to standard values that correctly represent measurements in the real world. Calibration may be done in two realms:

After calibration, image values and positional measurements may be made using the calibrated system. For example, after spatial calibration is performed, image positions, distances, and angles are measured and reported in the calibrated units. FITS format supports these types of calibration. Therefore, a calibration may be permanently saved to the image file if the image is saved in FITS format. Mira provides a number of tools to accomplish calibration:

Luminance Calibration

Image Calibration Pipeline

Express Calibration

Aperture Photometry

Spatial Calibration

Astrometric Calibration

Set Arcsecond Scale

Set Equatorial Scale


You also may wish to create synthetic images with or without artificial stars to evaluate your calibration techniques and to explore the propagation of noise through your processing strategy.

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