Photometric Measurements

The Aperture Photometry package lists results in the Photometric Measurements report window described below. This window has built-in functionality for sorting, rearranging, copying, and saving to a file and for making Scatter Plots. See Photometric Measurement Definitions and Photometric Error Definitions for a description of all reported quantities. The Plot Light Curve and Prepare AAVSO Report commands use data from this table.

Measurements for all objects in all images go into the same Report window. If you want to clear the Report window of prior measurements, make sure the window has focus (is the top-most window), then use the Edit > Clear command.

The figure above shows only 12 of the many columns in the report; the others may be viewed by scrolling the window, enlarging it, or rearranging the column positions as described in Arranging Report Data.

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