Arranging Report Data

Each Report Window provides some functionality to adjust its contents for display purposes. You can sort the rows by any column and you can reorder the columns so that certain quantities become adjacent to each other. These adjustments can be combined with the copy, save, or print commands to select particular data from the table. See the Tutorial: Working with Measurement Reports.



Resize a Column

Mouse down on the column separator line and drag the separator until the column is the desired width. Release the mouse at the final size.

Optimize Column Widths

Click the Optimize Report Columns command in the Report > View menu. The Report Window must have focus in order for this menu to be loaded. To set default behavior, check the View > Auto-optimize Columns command or the Optimize Widths box on the Report Window Preferences page.

Sort Row Data

Click on the column header to to perform the sort. A sorting triangle then appears inside the column label. Click again to reverse the sort order.

Reorder Columns

Mouse down on the column header away from the separator. Drag the mouse pointer outside the cell and the left column separator will appear in bold. Drag the separator to the insertion point and release the mouse. The column of data will move to the insertion point.

Edit Data

Click on the cell you wish to edit and the cell will highlight to show that edit mode is enabled. After changing the text, save your changes by either clicking outside the cell or moving outside the cell using the keyboard arrow keys.

Create a Scatter Plot

Use the Scatter Plot command to plot data in one report column against data in another column.

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