Contour Plotting
This brief describes the contour plotting capabilities of Mira Pro x64, Mira Pro x64, and Mira Pro. Contour plots show levels of constant intensity or luminance in an image, much like a topographic map. With Mira, there is no limit to the size of image, or the data type (8 to 64 bits per pixel). Up to 100 levels may be contoured in multi-contour mode or you can "click to contour" at a single curve at a target luminance level. Adjustable contour stiffness selects between showing full detail and excluding noise — essential for analyzing low S/N data. You can adjust the number of contours, change the colors, and choose auto-levels or contours at specific levels of your choice. These examples show contours plotted on a grayscale image before and after applying a pseudo-color palette enhancement. Notice how the contour tracks luminance changes revealed so well by the pseudo-color palette. However, they don't show exactly the same thing. Contours trace through luminance values at the sub-pixel level, considering neighboring values, whereas palettes select only the pixel values as literally defined in the image.

Adjusting Contour Stiffness, or "Smoothing"

These examples show a single contour at a luminance level near the background. Since it has a very low Signal to Noise Ratio, the contour is subject to tracking noise. Mira allows you to select the stiffness of the contour following algorithm to trace fine details in high SNR data or coarse details in low SNR data.


Mira Contour Tools

These dialogs show how you create contours to meet your needs. The left dialog controls multiple contours as shown in the first example, above. The right dialog controls generation of single, interactive contours.


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