Product News

Below is a list of recent news on Mira Pro x64 during 2023. Older news was removed.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.66 Update - October 5, 2023

This version adds the new Boost transfer function option.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.65 Update - October 2, 2023

This significant upgrade adds a new Topic Help system for Windows, dialogs, panes, and toolbars.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.624 Update - August 2023

Updated several topics in the User's Guides.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.623 Update - June 2023

Added and enhanced several commands for listing FITS Header keyword groups and added a feature to the Star Removal package..

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.62 Update - May 2023

Added several important features to Plot Windows including image WCS coordinate readout, statistics, and point and line marking.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.61 Update - April 2023

Added new features for working with Statistics and doing related analysis.

Mira Pro x64 Version 8.60 Update - March 2023

This is a major upgrade containing many new features in both the program and script language.


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