The Mira Pro Script Module

Custom Processing, Analysis, and Prototyping in Mira

What makes Mira's scripting capabilities exceptional?
Unparalleled integration between GUI and scripting, standalone or working together.

No other software platform is available at any price that combines the richness of Mira's program extension (scripting) language, a GUI command-based interface, and the project batch processing interface offered by Mira Pro x64.

The Mira Pro x64 Script module provides a powerful and extensible, yet easy to use platform for general computational and data processing applications. Mira Pro script implements the Lua language which is widely used in gaming and configuration applications such as Adobe® Photoshop®. Lua is a modern programming language with a syntax similar to Python®.

Key Features

One feature that makes Mira Pro Script exceptional is its unique integration between Mira's unparalleled GUI capabilities and scripting:

  • Run scripts directly from Mira desktop windows and data.

  • Run scripts independent of Mira windows and data.

  • Access Mira desktop windows and data from scripts.

  • Create Mira GUI windows with data for use by the GUI.

In addition to the richness built into the Lua language, Mira Pro Script adds an extremely large collection of higher level tools:

  • Some 50 easy to use object-oriented classes

  • Nearly 1000 class methods

  • Several hundred non-class functions

The Mira Pro Script design means performance as well as capability:

  • Numerically intensive class methods and functions use Mira's optimized array functions for quick numeric processing.

  • Scripts are compiled to byte-code at execution time, making execution far faster than interpreted scripting languages.


  • Mira Pro Script can be easily extended using your own classes, methods, and functions.

  • A rich selection of free Lua packages are available for inclusion in your scripts.

Further Information

Books available from booksellers such as Amazon:

Programming in Lua, 4th Edition (2016), by Roberto Ierusalimschy. This authoritative guide to the Lua language was written by its principle architect. Easy to follow for non programmers and willed with examples, this masterful work is a "must have" for learning the power of the Lua language. It may also be purchased directly from the Documentation page at

Lua Quick Start Guide (2018), by Gabor Szauer.

Lua Programming Gems (2008), ed. Luis Henrique de Figueiredo, Waldemar Celes, and Roberto Ierusalimschy. Numerous experts contribute chapters on programming techniques, algorithms, data structures, extending Lua using modules, and related topics.


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