One Image Processing Solution for Your Demanding Application
Mira helps you see more and do more, faster and more easily, than with competing products.

Mira is a tremendously powerful and flexible image processing application with an established reputation for integrating the best algorithms into the most efficient human-engineered user interface. Our products and development services leverage our diverse expertise, a large store of intellectual property, backed by 30 years in business. In terms of intellectual property, our Mira Pro x64 software includes significantly more than 1 million lines of highly optimized and debugged code, written in-house.

Mira Pro x64  (64-bit platform with Pro Script and advanced features)
Application areas: astronomy, space sciences, education, biomedical research, computational biology, radiography, physics, materials science, reconnaissance, etc. For customers who must use 32-bit Windows, we offer a 32-bit compilation with the same features, named Mira Pro x32.

Mira Pro  (64-bit or 32-bit platform without Pro Script, MExtract, and several other specialized measurement tools)
Application areas: astronomy, space sciences, education.



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